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We are partners in equal with our clients and are shaping the future together. With increasing change and unpredictability across industry sectors, finding an optimal balance between new and existing options is more important than ever. At the same time, we believe that in emerging economies businesses perform and evolve exactly opposite of those in the developed world.

Alpha One Management Services is a catalyst for organizations like yours to increase the rate of transformation that is imperative in a modern economy. We have worked with leaders, managers and front liners with the intent and drive to make a difference to the businesses they are a part of.

We have been closely working with various business and process leaders in the following arenas:

1. Business HR plays a very important role in the growth of the organisation because aligned, engaged and energised employees are the backbone of any organisation. Often underrated, this department has a huge impact on an organisation as this is the function which is responsible for the recruitment of a superior workforce which in turn lifts the organisation up as PEOPLE are the fodder for growth. HR is also responsible for formulating strategies and policies for a company which result in attaining organisations vision/goals.They are to a great extent responsible for establishing a good, well-balanced work environment through their various employee engagement activities.
It becomes all the more critical for Start up’s, Owner managed companies to focus on HR to increase profitability through Business HR policy implementation, building a long-term team of effective and aligned employees.
Keeping in view the above challenges, we have developed our expertise in the following:

  1. Organisation Structure
  2. HR Policy Formulation
  3. Performance Management System
  4. Competency framework development
  5. Employee motivation
  6. HR for startup’s

2. Business Consulting

3. Coaching and Training

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